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for the centenary run Paris - Vienna 2002  


Entry Form           



1.1        The rally Paris – Vienna is a tourist rally for historic vehicles in commemoration of the centenary of the famous race in 1902.

1.2        The rally is taking place from June 23 through June 29, 2002 from Paris to Vienna, taking as many original roads as in 1902 as possible.



2.1        The organiser of this event is the Club der Anhänger alter Renault - C.A.R. Austria, supported by  C.A.R. Ile de France, 4CV Club Suisse Romande, Automobilclub Ile de France and local organisations.

2.2        Coordination: Brigitte Gepperth

2.3        C.A.R. Austria is a member of the Österreichischer Motor Veteranen Verband - ÖMVV, thereby of the FIVA.

2.4        All participants declare having accepted the present conditions of participation by submitting their entrys.



3.1        The total distance of approx. 1500 km will be covered in 6 stages.

3.2        The itinerary follows national and district roads from Paris to Vienna, strictly respecting the applicable road traffic regulations. There are some gradients of approx. 17%, in case of extreme gradients the organiser will try to give support.

3.3        Accompanying vehicles of the organiser will be available during the event.

3.4        On Saturday, June 29 2002, the cars coming from Paris will be met by more historic cars in Vienna for a parade on the Ringstraße and Prater Hauptallee in order to arrive at the Krieau, where the final event will be held.



4.1        The event is open for historic cars of all makes built before 1935 and – depending on remaining places – Renault before 1960.

4.2        Commercial vehicles like trucks, busses, military engines etc., can be admitted on decision of the organiser.

4.3        The number of vehicles is limited with 50.

4.4        All vehicles are to be registrated, insured and according to the prescription for technical security. The participant is solely responsible for assuring that his vehicle is capable and in the appropriate shape for participating in this event.

4.5        An average speed of min. 30 km/h and gradients of approx. 17% should not be a problem for the car participating.

4.6        No commercial or promotional publications are allowed to arise on the vehicles without the written agreement of the organiser in advance.



5.1        All participants have to properly complete and sign the entry form.

5.2        The entry fee has to arrive at the event account of C.A.R. Austria at the dates mentioned

5.3        All drivers have to possess a drivers license being valid for the vehicle type they drive.

5.4        Upon agreement there are arrangements possible for children accompanying.

5.5        Pets are not allowed in all hotels, this has to be clarified the organiser in advance.


Art. 6 – ENTRY

6.1        The entry period under the present conditions is limited by March 31, 2002 = date of payment reception of the 50% down payment on the organiser’s account.

6.2        The entry fees are in accordance with the information already given. Advertisements supplied by the organiser are to be visibly mounted at the vehicle.

6.3        One form has to be submitted for each vehicle, as well as a recent photo. Both to be addressed to: Brigitte Gepperth - C.A.R. Austria – Postfach 318, A-1210 Wien, Austria or by e-mail: info@paris-wien.com

(thank you for not exceeding 1Mb, photo as jpg).

6.4        The entry fees are to be submitted expenses-paid by means of bank transfer in EUR to the account for events of the C.A.R. Austria: account no. 00755 477 858 – BLZ 20151 – Bank Austria.

6.5        All changes of vehicles are to be announced in writing and under the following conditions:

a)      All changes are authorised until 31.03.2002 if vehicle is similar.

b)      After that date, changes are subject to agreement of the organiser of this event.

c)      All replacing vehicles are to be in accordance with the conditions already mentioned.

6.6        A cancellation of entry must be submitted in writing and will be reimbursed as follows:

a)      Until 15.05.2002 – total minus 50%

b)      After 15.05.2002 reimbursement is subject to decision of the organiser.

c)      In case of rejection by the organiser the already paid amount will be reimbursed.

6.7        In case of cancellation by the organiser the entry fee will be reimbursed less partial organisational costs. Force majeure releases the organiser from his duties.

6.8        Only entry forms being properly completed and duly signed are subject to handling.

6.9        Information and entry forms are available on demand by fax: +431 2022757, telephone +4312022710 (evening or answering machine), as well as by e-mail info@paris-wien.com.



7.1        The participants have to take care that they and their vehicles are to be properly insured according to the prescriptions in force in the countries being crossed.

7.2        The participant is solely responsible for his vehicle and it’s safety, as well as for strictly respecting the road traffic regulations.

7.3        The organiser cannot be made responsible for any injury or damage resulting from the participation in this event.

7.4        In case of utilization of vehicle transport or garage there will be no insurance cover on the part of the organiser, who therefore cannot be made liable in any case of damage.

7.5        Place of jurisdiction is Vienna, where the organiser is situated at. The official language is German on which the original text is based.

7.6        The participant confirms with his signature that he is participating on his own behalf and risk concerning any injury or damage possibly arising due to his participation and that he will carry the consequences, as well as that he will not initiate any legal proceedings against the organiser.


Art. 8 – OTHER

8.1        The event will generally follow the rules of the FIVA. The organiser reserves the right to initiating changes or stipulating additional regulations.

8.2        An average speed of 50 km/h must not be exceeded at any time. Any contempt of road traffic regulations or organiser’s regulations are subject to immediate disclosure of the participant. The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event, change the itinerary or refuse any entry without indicating any reason.


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